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Napaano Ka, Arna?


Created by:

Patricia Ann Rivera

Musical/Dance https://asset-lightscameramagic.abs-cbn.com/lightscameramagic/video_entries/1539443494_napaano-final-copy.jpg https://lightscameramagic.abs-cbn.com/nominated-finalists/profile/175/napaano-ka-arna- A year after Arna Carlos' body is found lifeless, her mother weeps for two reasons: her daughter's passing, and the seeming death of justice itself. Arna’s ghost recounts the night of her own demise as she watches over her grieving mom. When the candle flame is snuffed out, Arna greets her mother with a reminder to hope; letting all bereaved know they are not alone, not in grief, nor in the never-fearless-but-fierce pursuit of truth. This is a tribute to Carl Arnaiz and to the Arnas in society; a message of solidarity to those whose truths were silenced and to loved ones who soldier on. It is not only dedicated to those deemed innocent but also, to the forgotten innocence in each Filipino.



Created by:

Victor Elijah Gador

Drama https://asset-lightscameramagic.abs-cbn.com/lightscameramagic/video_entries/1539443361_ngawa-final-copy.jpg https://lightscameramagic.abs-cbn.com/nominated-finalists/profile/191/ngawa Before the end of their semester and their upcoming graduation day, Sam discovers that she is pregnant. Keeno, her boyfriend, forces her to abort and bury the child after graduation day to pursue their plans in the future together without a responsibility other than to themselves.

Viral Kids


Created by:

Arjanmar Rebeta

Drama https://asset-lightscameramagic.abs-cbn.com/lightscameramagic/video_entries/1539454136_viral-kids-final-copy.jpg https://lightscameramagic.abs-cbn.com/nominated-finalists/profile/104/viral-kids Kristal is a street kid who now becomes a viral sensation for singing her self-made song dedicated to her mother. While the people who watch her street performance give her more alms, her friend, Buboy hurriedly asks her to come with him. As she follows him, the smile of the young lady turns into fear as she approaches a queue of street beggars surrendering their own earned money to the boss of the syndicate.


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